My name is Ben Feist. This site contains articles and blog entries that I have written over the years. Popular articles are in the top navigation. By day I am VP, Technology at TAXI. If you'd like to reach me you can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Digitizing Apollo 17 Part 15 – New Apollo17.org, 44th Anniversary Edition

Announcing new Apollo17.org, 44th anniversary edition with new features, rare footage, and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter landing site reconstruction New Features 3D renderings of Lunar Rover traverses using LRO data courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre Mission dashboard at-a-glance Transcript and commentary search Hours of additional rare footage courtesy of archive producer, Stephen Slater Hundreds…

Digitizing Apollo 17 Part 15 – Apollo17.org v1.0 Launched for the Mission’s 43rd Anniversary
v1.0 Splash Screen

In time for the 43rd anniversary of Apollo 17, the all new Apollo17.org is now live! Over the past three months I have completely rebuilt how the site works. My good friend Chris Bennett, who I have worked with on many projects in my professional career, pushed me into new territory when in September he…

Digitizing Apollo 17 Part 14 – A Fantastic Reception
cernan and I

It has been a wild ride since May, when I made public the first alpha release of apollo17.org. Now at v0.6, it’s still an alpha, but has been improved and stabilized over the spring and early summer. The day the site went live, March 25/2015, Gizmodo picked up the site and I got a massive surge…

Digitizing Apollo 17 Part 13 – Apollo17.org – Alpha Release v0.1

Today I’m happy to announce the public alpha release of Apollo17.org, an interactive explorer that allows you to experience the entire Apollo 17 mission (305 hours long) in real-time. It represents the culmination of the years of mission data cleaning I have blogged about here. My goal is to create a full-featured site that will allow the public to explore and…

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