Project Apollo 17

These articles cover a personal project I have undertaken, in association with the Apollo Flight Journal to restore the mission timeline of Apollo 17.

The restoration efforts are based on images of the original mission transcripts which were typewritten in 1972, original mission audio released by NASA via the Internet Archive, television transmissions and on-board 16mm film, and high resolution scans of the 70mm still photography taken by the crew.

My contribution is to both, reconcile all information sources into a digitally reconstructed timeline of mission activities, and build an engaging way for the public to experience the data. The result is the interactive experience at

Once my restoration efforts are completed, will be donated to the NASA History Program Office.

If you're interested in this project and would like to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Recent Project Apollo Posts

From Apollo 17 to NASA

As of this week, I start a new career as a consultant to NASA as an independent contractor. It has been two years since my last update here and, obviously, a lot has happened. The last update, from Fall of 2016, described how I used data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) to expand the…

Digitizing Apollo 17 Part 16 – New, 44th Anniversary Edition

Announcing new, 44th anniversary edition with new features, rare footage, and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter landing site reconstruction New Features 3D renderings of Lunar Rover traverses using LRO data courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre Mission dashboard at-a-glance Transcript and commentary search Hours of additional rare footage courtesy of archive producer, Stephen Slater Hundreds…

Digitizing Apollo 17 Part 15 – v1.0 Launched for the Mission’s 43rd Anniversary

In time for the 43rd anniversary of Apollo 17, the all new is now live! Over the past three months I have completely rebuilt how the site works. My good friend Chris Bennett, who I have worked with on many projects in my professional career, pushed me into new territory when in September he…

Digitizing Apollo 17 Part 14 – A Fantastic Reception

It has been a wild ride since May, when I made public the first alpha release of Now at v0.6, it’s still an alpha, but has been improved and stabilized over the spring and early summer. The day the site went live, March 25/2015, Gizmodo picked up the site and I got a massive surge…